Vegan Eating

PETA says each vegan saves roughly 200 animal lives each year.  I’ve been vegan for nine months now, so if my math is correct I have saved about 150 animals.  I chose to become vegan in the month of September my junior year of high school.  I was vegetarian for a few years before that and over the summer before my junior year I began investigating.  I found that the living conditions of the cows and the chickens that gave me my dairy and my eggs were about as cruel as the living conditions of the deceased animals that I see every night on my family’s dinner plate.  Why was it okay for me to call myself a lover of all creatures and a supporter of animal rights if day after day I was ingesting food produced from cruel conditions. said, “Regardless of how they were raised, all animals farmed for food meet the same fate at the slaughterhouse. This includes the millions of calves and male chicks who are killed every year as ‘waste products’ of milk and egg production and the animals farmed for their milk and eggs who are killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan..”  I have chosen to only ingest food that hasn’t put the life of an animal in danger.  A lot of people ask me, aren’t you so hungry?  How do you find anything to eat? My response is usually: did you know Oreos are vegan?  People get very excited.  After doing just a little bit of research and digging through vegan cookbooks I have found a whole world of vegan foods that leave me full and satisfied.

If you are interested in eating only a cruelty free diet or just want to try out a few delicious vegan entrees I highly recommend visiting  The website is packed with deserts and entrees all egg, dairy and meat free.  Being vegan is choosing to eat with a conscious.  It is a choice many more people are making today, resulting in the betterment of hundreds of animals’ lives.

Margo Deporter, 17, is currently a junior at New Trier high school and is a contributor to Youth Political Engagement


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