About Us

 Carline Gray, 18, attends Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR and Elise Duffy, 18, is a student at New Trier high school in Chicago, IL. 

What started as a research paper about the way youth political participation has transformed through past decades, has evolved into this blog, with the goal of provoking thought and engaging millennials in current political matters. Youth political participation certainly has changed, as we now see activism happening online, within the social media realm. Our goal is to move millennials away from this comfortable place of hyper-connectivity on the web, and back to a place where our voices and actions will have a powerful impact. Our idea was to begin reaching young people by posting articles and media about political issues that relate to our generation. We are now in the process of receiving pieces that other young people have written, and they will soon be posted on our blog. We are trying to get that conversation started, and although it is on the web, it is more structured then a status on a social media site. We hope Youth Political Engagement serves as a platform for young people to go to, where they can learn about political issues and more importantly, contribute to the discussion.  The millennial generation must  be well-informed and unified, in order to be a powerful generation of thinkers and activists. Hopefully this will help transform the way young people are engaged with politics by inspiring them to take more action.


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